The Slings and Arrows of Inexpensive Razors

*Commercial-ish message to follow*

Before I return to my regularly scheduled V on O* musings about my boyfriend, our weekend trips and our quotidian eating/exercise habits (Is this an accurate summary of the blog thus far?), I must provide an update to my last post endorsing Dorco Razors: They’ve given me a referral link good for any V on O reader to get 15% off your order! Also, they have a low threshold for free shipping, so TRY IT NOW. They are an even cheaper option than buying in bulk at Costco during a sale. I promise I’m not becoming a shill, but you will almost certainly be shocked by the price and quality of these. You can buy razors with six blades for even cheaper than you might pay for the big-name lower-tier razors. Which literally do cut my leg into pieces. (One year at a family reunion, my cousin’s girlfriend, who was a bruise- and scab-covered roller derby girl, took one look at my limbs and proclaimed, disgusted, “You need to take better care of yourself.” She wasn’t wrong. “Leg is a Battlefield” …)

Why was I so hell-bent on writing this update and giving them another plug? In the last entry, I forgot to mention their stellar customer service. Being a red-blooded, red-state-raised ‘murrican, I feel obligated to promote a company that treats its customers so well. And Dorco does. After I made 1 single order with the company, they sent me this thank-you package separately, unsolicited.

They sent me a free razor holder (all the bases are interchangable with their razors), two razors, a sweet note and a coupon.

They sent me a free razor holder (all the bases are interchangable with their razors), two razors, a sweet note and a coupon.

OK, so the handwriting on this letter “from the company president” exposes its author as, apparently, a 13-year-old who could barely restrain herself from dotting each I with a heart and folding the whole note up like one of those paper fortune tellers you make during class in 8th grade. Still, what other company has such kind, attentive and generous customer service?

Give them a try! And let me know what you think!

15% off Dorco razor order

In the words of Peggy Olson during the ill-fated Cool Whip pitch: JUST TASTE IT!

Specter of Razor be Creepin'

Specter of Razor be Creepin’

Note: If you use this link, I will get a 5% referral fee. If this is your sticking point — and I could see how it would be, because I am miserly and savings-vindictive too — simply let me know and I will take you out for the compensatory frozen treat of your choice (Yogurtland? Popsicles? Frozen krill?).

*I would like to thank my boyfriend’s coworker, Jen K., for coming up with the snappy nickname “V on O.”

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