I’m from Augusta, Ga., so you know I can appreciate some good links!

These are some of my top hits on the ol’ Newsify. Yes, for now they are all people I know. This is only because it takes forever to write things up, and I’m prioritizing friends. Cronyism is alive and well.

1. Quin Woodward Pu
My foxy, Fox News-y little sister, Quin Woodward Pu. Alias QP Doll. Well, I did grow up with the girl. We share a common bond of family inside jokes (e.g.: Once, on a family vacation where my skinflint dad ordered a subcompact car for our full-size family of 5, a loaf of bread became inadvertently crushed. This prompted our dad to emotionlessly announce: “Whoever smashed this bread should be shot.” Shot?!), shared sensibilities, etc. Endearingly, she sometimes calls me “Vot,” hearkening back to when she was too young to pronounce all the consonants in my name.

2. Elizabeth Holoubek

One of my favorite pictures of us, taking a break from sassin' around the halls of our Georgia high school

One of my favorite pictures of us, taking a break from sassin’ around the halls of our Georgia high school

Elizabeth--all grown up!--looking damn exquisite at her wedding in June '13

Elizabeth–all grown up!–looking damn exquisite at her wedding in June ’13

High school BFF Elizabeth is now also a California girl and writing about it! We’ve known each other for over 15 years, and after a decade-long stint where she left me for Iowa (which is where she met her lovely husband Joey, so I’ll allow it), she now lives in the Golden State too. Same-time zone phone calls and the distant possibility of regular in-person cavorting are all ours!

Prom-funeral chic '03

Prom-funeral chic ’03

3. Lina Lee
Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 6.24.07 PM
Lina Lee is a dear friend who graduated from the same college and the same year as I did. Though we have many many mutual friends, we only really connected in the Manifest Destiny-ized post-Yale L.A. wilderness. Thank goodness!

4. Zan Romanoff
Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 6.31.04 PM
Zan is another friend whom I only really got to know in L.A.. We even lived in the same dorm! Again I’m thankful for the compressed social bubble of Yale-L.A.: I love her blog.

5. Eliza Berman

eliza and dan
Praise be to Facebook for pointing me to the hilarious and charming blog of an old college friend, Eliza Berman. Not only do she and her boyfriend Dan visit all kinds of exotic places and take great photos, but they also have a genius dynamic whereby she writes a long account of the adventure and he provides a to-the-point recap. I can so relate! And I love that they share equally in their labor of love of blogging.

6. Lexi Newman

Possibly defunct, but this is the amusing hiking blog of my college friend Lexi, as she treks up hill and down dale on the various trails of the L.A. area. Filled with fitness and wittiness!

7. Howard Chen
Something a little different … Howard Chen and I last mixed it up when we were in band together (he played trombone; I played trumpet) and also when we competed academically on various nerdy pursuits and classes in high school. Now, he’s a Harvard-trained internist who finds the time to write every now and then about mostly un-medicine-related things. Check out his insights!

8. Jessica Tom

OK, I don’t really know this woman with a charmingly rhyming URL. I would like to! Though we’ve never really talked, we went to school together and had some mutual friends. During my junior year, we took a literature lecture class together and usually sat in a threesome: her, me, our friend Brett. The class was somewhat not as advertised and was helmed by a likeable but absent-minded professor who was prone to say things like “There were 5 things Theodor Adorno absolutely couldn’t stand” and then list off like, a single item. Anyway! For the entire class I was in awe of her voluminous hair. Now I follow her food blog, which I can credit for turning me onto such delights as kouign-amann and marron glacé. Read and be enlightened!

9. David Tian



David is my favorid (modified to rhyme). We’ve known each other a coon’s age — we first encountered each other in the all-county band and on the fiercely competitive 6th grade academic bowl circuit. After a period of ferocious rivalry in band, debate and SAT scores through high school, we went to Yale together. After graduating from Harvard, he moved to San Francisco, so now I have the same intra-time zone conversational potential (if he weren’t so busy saving lives, that is) and in-person meetup chances as I have with Elizabeth! In college, after he made a hilarious hand-illustrated Powerpoint presentation(!) to introduce me at a panel, I made him promise to toast me at my wedding. I hope the statute of limitations hasn’t expired!

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